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Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting Services

We construct a simplified process for organisations to run their business better and solve their most complicated business challenges with law and strategy.

Conducting business has become a huge sport where you need to play your cards wisely if you want to stay on the winning side. The market has grown excessively and so is the competition to reach the success ladder. Though the competition is healthy, sometimes the level of advertising takes few companies of small-scale to separate line. They are practically sidelined. The challenges and risks are umpteen in number, and that is why few strategies are to be incorporated by these businesses to come into the limelight and create visibility.

Small bricks make a huge building, and the firmness of these bricks is what that holds the building strong. School of fish strategy a new dimension concept is becoming the trend which many companies like Apple, Nike, Uber etc. have practised and seen favourable results.

A word on School of fish strategy concept:

Irrespective of the size of business this model of planning helps in breaking down the activities into probable divisions and secure a place in the market by the widespread of the divisions. This would enable to reach all markets globally and gives a good return and reduce the level of risks in investing different models.

Business models and strategies are being developed, and hence having an expert opinion who have excellent market knowledge and expertise in handling critical situations helps in framing the business plan that has minimal risk and investment but steady growth towards success.

Business organizations can be turned into smarter enterprises with the school-of-fish strategy or shoaling formation nested with kaleidoscopic organization design, modular value chain, symbiotic processes and dynamic configuration of product-market domains.

The dis-aggregation and dispersion of large government and NGO entities too a new necessity for making them agile and responsive. Shoaling and team-based organizational design will enhance the responsiveness and agility of government and non-profit sector and improve their innovation potential.

Most successful corporations from a range of industries pursuing school of fish strategy including WL Gore  Associates, Kyocera ceramics, Nucor Steels, Google, Boston Beers (Samuel Adams), Nike, Apple, Sweet Water Breweries and Toyota Motors are showcased in our research articles and website.  Uber and Airbnb are 21st century businesses built on shoaling model with the help of internet and GPS. You will find here a collection of techniques and instructions to implement school of fish strategy.

Corporate Positioning

May it be retaining the best talent, sourcing different clients, or strengthening the support of investors, a valuable reputation lies at the heart of every successful organisation.

We endeavour to attain structured results and beneficial advantages for our clients through organizing every corporate parameters.

With decades of successful consulting, we have the experience and the way required to develop productive working relationships with the decision-makers and the executive teams.

Our creative programmes build and consolidate enduring reputations that promise quality, protect against future issues, reduce the cost of capital, and deliver commercial success.

Crisis and Issues

The way a crisis or a major issue is managed can define a company’s reputation for years to come. Our experience means we can help you emerge stronger, more resilient and respected because of it.

Our consultants are highly experienced in helping companies address critical issues, around the clock.  They work alongside management, Boards, internal teams and advisers. They recognise that a communications strategy that builds trust and addresses all of those involved is often the deciding factor in successfully handling a crisis. The interests of employees, customers and suppliers must be taken into account alongside those of the banks, creditors and the political world.

But with all crises, prevention is better than a cure. Accordingly CNC specialises in offering our clients best-in-class crisis preparedness materials and training to ensure that when an issue threatens reputation your employees, from reception desk to boardroom, are skilled in handling external and internal enquiries whilst mitigating the issue at hand.

To help achieve this CNC works with clients to develop crisis communications guidelines and manuals and has developed a an immersive crisis preparedness training tool, the Situation Room. This tool uses proprietary hardware and software to develop bespoke training workshops and simulation exercises that can simulate specific elements of a crisis all the way up to a fully developed real-time scenario, enabling us to create programmes that best meet your needs and experience.


Companies extend their scope of action through active involvement in the political and regulatory environment. A company’s success depends on the buy-in of political decision makers.

We support our clients by helping to influence the political procedures of opinion forming and decision-making at regional, national and EU levels to ensure that the client’s voice is heard and their interests taken into account.

We work alongside our clients through the legislative process covering the preparation and agenda-setting phases as well as decision-making and implementation, ensuring that the company’s messages reach all relevant political decision-makers at the right time.


Online and social media have changed the speed and dynamics of how companies engage and communicate with their stakeholders.

Media is now global. Social media platforms allow stakeholders with a common interest to engage across geographies and sectors and a crisis will never be local in nature. Companies and brands are now subject to greater scrutiny.

We help clients capitalise on the multidirectional, discourse taking place online. We work with our offices around the world and our specialist agency partners to provide industry-leading digital counsel to our clients.

The focus of our work is on:

·         Consulting and strategy (brand and reputation navigation, crisis management, employee communications and CSR)

·         Conversation (influencer relationship management, social networks, mobile platforms and blogging)

·         Digital publishing (site development, content creation, multimedia, and programming)

·         Measurement and accountability (monitoring, metrics and analysis).

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