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Immigration NRI Services

Immigration NRI Services

End to end visa application assistance till getting the respective resident status of the individual along with entire legal assistance will be provided by Lexhawk Consulting. Due to Multi National emergence across the globe, migration from one country to other has become mandatory to succeed in the chosen career and the respective immigration rules are well assisted by the Immigration lawyers. Attorneys at Lexhawk are experienced and updated in immigration laws and strive to provide best results by researching on complex immigration issues.We provide support on following services


  • Immigration laws
  • Populating USCIS/Immigration forms
  • Drafting of petitions, correspondences, support letters, and memorandums to Immigration Authorities etc.

Taking a visa and ensuring a clean immigration procedure is often tiresome as the chances of the individual overlooking a certain concept is possible. Every country has different set of rules and documents required for applying visa of any nature. Non availability of any documents can lead to cancellation of visa. There is also limitation on the number of trials that an individual can apply for visa. All this chaos and confusions keep prevailing every time a visa is applied for and moreover the rules and requirements or eligibility keeps changing and one must be updated with the current rules and regulations.

Hiring a service that helps you in securing visa sounds blissful as the individual can be tension free and just attend to the visa interview directly without having to complicate and re-apply every time. When proper services are hired they help in crossing the main barrier being the documentation upload into the site for bias and cross examining of the documents genuinely. They look for all possible loopholes that can lead to rejection of the visa and ensure the client does not face such scenarios. In case of requirement for any document, proper advice or help in procuring the same legally with an affidavit is provided, if required. Booking of a visa appointment is also taken care of and they backup the procedure until the visa reaches the traveller. They are proven to be highly beneficial for companies who have employees frequenting onsite visits for business reasons. They take care of all the paper work and ensure the employee travels on the scheduled time for the business meetings. They check all the paper works and ensure 100% tension free travel and the employee can focus on wining the deal or making the business trip successful.