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Old Age Home NRI Legal Service

Old Age Home NRI Legal Service

Old age homes, a shelter for the elderly, who are left isolated by their family or children, are seen rising these days. It is quite sad to witness, that people, who are the reason for the children’s existence, become a burden. This is the reason we find many elderly people on the roads looking for shelter and are forced to settle down at old age homes. The nation is not silent, though looking at such scenario. Various laws and amendments have been introduced to protect the rights of the senior citizens in our country. It is our duty to ensure they are made to feel secured and safe.

According to the Indian law, the articles 41 and 46 under the constitution is aiming in promoting social benefits especially to senior citizens by providing old age homes. According to the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior citizens Act 2007, the child is to bear a monthly expenses of 10,000/- mandatorily. This is done to make them feel responsible towards their parent and also help the senior people with right to their life and their property. Rules under maintenance and welfare Act clause 15 speaks about setting of these old age homes as duty towards the society and ensuring that the elderly are able to live a normal life without any worries. According to the Hindu and Muslim rules, the old aged people of the family is allowed to old age homes only if the child has no earnings to support the parents. Crossing of such rules can be penalized and justice will be ensured towards the senior citizens.

Our parents are our role models. It is important that we show some gratitude for their sacrifices and seek their wisdom on life as they have seen the world better no matter how the life style has changed. Their experience is our lesson to be learnt.